BARS - Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot log in to BARS?

Please note that while accessing BARS, both the Username & Password are case sensitive. Be sure to verify that your 'CAPS Lock' is not inadvertantly on, and try again. If this is the first time you are logging on to the system, please use the temporary password that was provided via email. If you have already completed the intital login phase and have set a new password; this is now your password.

I forgot my password

Reset password here: Forgot My Password

My student[s] do not appear on the list?

If this is a 'NEW' student, it may take several days for the District and/or the Data Warehouse to upload the corresponding information, please wait 1-2 days and try again.

Who is responsible for creating and assigning the accounts?

The District CIO / District Data Administrator are responsible for creating all NEW user accounts and assigning the corresponding usernames and intial passwords.

How do I assign an account?

From the main page click on User Administration - > Add User.

How do I assign accounts by building?

When creating NEW user accout[s], the Account Administrator can select the designated building from the Dropdown menu.

Once my data is delivered, what is the timeframe until it actively shows on the reports?

Reports should be available within one week.

What options are available when I export the reports?

Reports are available in PDF, Excel, RTF and XML formats.

What will a bulding level user see?

Building level users will see 'ALL students assigned to that building'.

What will a district level user see?

District level users will see 'ALL students district-wide'.

If "NO" filters are selected, what data will show?

'ALL' report data will show.